Food for thought..

Think about this. Price. Is it all that matters? If it did we would all drive Ford Escorts. Chevy Cavaliers. McDonalds would be the only restaurant in town and you would buy your socks from Walmart. There is more to it than that. You are willing to spend more for something you feel is worth it. The lines will be long to buy the new I-phone at 700 dollars (or more) but yet some people will nickle and dime their cell phone service provider to save 10 dollars a month. 🙂

I feel the same way about my company. Maybe I am a dollar higher on the Romaine Lettuce but its worth it. Buying from me feeds my kids, helps pay my real estate taxes, and puts money in my pocket that I may even spend back at your place of business. While my competitors take their money out of town mine stays here.

Keep that in mind next time your rep gives you the “dont buy from the local produce guy” sales pitch.

3 thoughts on “Food for thought..”

    1. Hello, Ive been searching for wholesale produce near Dekalb,IL and stumble on this website. I dont own a business or anything. However, I would like to order produce for my family or maybe I will include friends in order to save and pay in less prize from store bought. We are trying to eat healthy in combat with a lot of deseases going on.

      Trying to eat raw foods on a budget

      1. Unfortunately I cannot sell to end-users. My customers don’t pay sales tax since they resell to the customer. I am not setup to declare sales tax to the City of DeKalb. Maybe your church or another group you belong to can buy these items.

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