Business as usual: Being safe. Covid

While business has slowed down considerably, I am still operating in full capacity. Unless things change I am still delivering to the restaurants that are open. I may change delivery days if I see that some days are slower than others. Mondays and Thursdays are still a go. Tuesdays and Fridays may be absorbed in to these other days in the coming weeks.

As long as I stay safe as well as my family I will continue to provide service to the area restaurants.

Ive been banging this drum for years, I am gonna bang it some more. Support your locally owned restaurants, they are going to need all your help, during this time and after.

I think my hands are colorless now.. I have been wearing gloves so much lately my hands are getting no sun. White as rice! Supple too! Silver lining….

Wash yo hands fool!


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