Who handles your products?

Everyone wants to save money. Even the rich guys do. They are notoriously the most frugal. Next time you are at the depot ask yourself who has touched that box of chicken wings before you placed it on your cart? I know these cash and carry stores are popular. And have big business. I just cant help but think when that guy who fondled your box of mushrooms washed his hands last. His nose is running, cause for alarm..

Of course that doesn’t happen at my vendor warehouses. Strange people walking around a meat warehouse without the proper attire and credentials? Ludicrous. And Illegal. Wont happen at my store either.

My boxes are handled by inspected plants and the men (and women) who work there. When its placed on my truck it is watched by me like a pitbull with a crabby attitude and a empty stomach.

Just Food for Thought…

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