Being your own boss

I remember when I was young. I remember having to wash the dishes all the time. I hated it. It was monotonous. No matter how fast you washed the plates, more came. It was never ending. Wave after wave of dishes. The machine was cool, you lifted this huge handle and pushed the dish rack through and it came out the other side when done. The only plus on a huge list of minuses.

My family was self employed. The dishwasher didn’t show up for work and off I went to be dishwasher for the night. It was different for me than other kids I knew. They could go out and hang out and ride bikes and I did dishes. Great. Yawn.

Being self employed is a high wire act of ecstasy and disaster. I enjoy it, but many do not understand how things are different for the self employed. They will never understand. Their check comes on Friday and Monday they drag themselves to work again.

Coming up in a couple of days is Shop Small Saturday. I say this laughing, because after black Friday you are only going to have about 6 bucks to rub together to shop small. How fitting it is to plan this event the day after the biggest shopping day of the year. Probably a Harvard business major thought that one up. He is probably drinking a 8 dollar coffee still celebrating this milestone in his career.

I encourage you to shop small every damn day, not just this Saturday. We have to stick together in this world. The self employed are some of the baddest ass people in the world and we need to stick around a little longer before Berkshire Hathaway comes and swallows us whole.

I might even buy you a 2 dollar coffee.

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