My apples vs. your oranges




I was really hoping that I would not turn this website into a rant site. So sorry, today no.

So often nowadays I see products coming from my competitors not made in the good ‘ole USA. China, Canada, Mexico. So on and so on. I understand that food service products are not always made in the USA. For instance, certain times of the year tomatoes from Mexico are cheap and are excellent quality. With today’s tech and fast freight we can import tastes from all over the world within days of harvest.

I’m talking napkins baby. Dinner, tallfolds, mornaps. Cocktail napkins. C-fold towels!!!. Everyone on the planet has needs. Air, water, and napkins.

When you tell me you bought napkins 2 bucks cheaper and I realize they are not made here stateside all I can do is give you a good hearty chuckle. Napkins from Canada don’t count. I love my Canuck brothers, anybody who loves hockey as much as they do is OK in my book. Give me a napkin made in South Carolina and I got your back. Chinese napkins? Puh leeze. Not even a good looking napkin let alone the fact of years of unfair labor practices. Last time i looked they weren’t even white in color.

I’m trying not to buy this stuff, but its getting harder and harder. I remember the first time I saw plastic forks from China. I thought wth.. we cant make our own forks anymore. Pushing your carts around that big box store. Running into your competitors, you know that guy who sells tacos down the street. Driving 45 miles and spending 20 bucks in gas to save 12. Buying 2 oz cups from Canada. Shame on you. (you know who you are)

Next time you tell me that my competitor is cheaper I’m gonna tell you that I can eat at McDonalds cheaper than at your restaurant. See how you like that shit. (yeah i swore.. I know the admin)

Wanna make America great again? Buy a Jeep, buy your socks American, and buy your napkins American.





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