Online Ordering!

Ha! Made you look!

Let me explain. When I hear a competitors salesman bragging about his or her online ordering capabilities I have to laugh. And feel sad at the same time. Its only a matter of time before that online ordering gimmick will take that salesman’s job and send him out to pasture. Automation. Robots. Elimination of human error. Its a way of a big company covering more ground with less manpower. Like everyone else does now. Did they lower your prices with this new automation? I doubt it.

Humans make mistakes, its what makes us human. A perfect world is unobtainable. Sad but true. I race over to Mcdonalds for a shamrock shake and the lady at the order window tells me they are out of shakemix. Foiled again. Its what makes Mcdonalds such a fun gamble, its a roll of the dice if they get it right that day.

For instance, you give me a order. Lets say that I miss a item or a quantity. Isnt it great that you can have the satisfaction of holding your hands up to the sky and cursing my name to the lords above! At least we cant blame a computer for the mixup. You can personally blame me! You can even swear at me! I love it. Come on, you know you want to.

Interaction! Talking! Communication! Something you see less and less of these days. Anonymity on the internet. You want it easy? Take a picture of your order guide and text it to me. What is that like 8 keystrokes? Automated ordering at its easiest.

Lets leave the internet open for whats its good for, cute cat videos, gossiping about your neighbors, and politics. If you need robots I included a pic of a cute one down below for your enjoyment.


Robot of the month here at Dekalb Foods


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