Good News! You are going to Heaven!

The waiting line at the Pearly Gates is a long one. Everyone is trying to get in but not everyone makes it. What most people dont know is that there is not one but many lines at this entrance. Let me give you a scoop, there is a line especially made just for folks like you and I. Its called the foodservice line. Yes! You heard it right! A line just for people in the food industry. Lord knows you put with enough madness you deserve a free pass. Can I give you some prime examples?

The customer who ate all but 3 bites of their meal and then says she didn’t like it= Free Pass!

The yelper who thinks he knows the restaurant business and is quick to light you up on Yelp= Free Pass!

(the best is the guy who knew for sure that the chicken breast had to be frozen even though I sold the chicken breast to that restaurant.. fresh chicken breast… lol)

That bigshot who always had a order but was never around to write a check. Never entered his mind to leave one either. Low and behold he owes me 4 grand! Then he has a coronary and drags his feet paying me.= I get a free pass!

Its hard enough being self employed but then to add to it you are in the food industry… You are getting in for sure. Its Easter Eve, what better time to talk about the afterlife. Good things are coming, here on Earth and in the heavens.

If you do see Peter before I do tell him I said hi. This is not me saying I hope you get there soon, but if you do mention you were a customer he is sure to comp you a drink or two. LOL


P.S. Say hi to bobo and grandma Georgiann B

Actual pic of foodservice line to Heaven—Right this way restaurant owner!!!

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